Hello! I am Bertha

Bertha Chan (she/her) @berthachandotcom strives to live authentically.

She is a potato (slasher) (a person that does many things), and she contributes to / supports / is supported by her community by creating activities, events and productions that promote togetherness, fun, play, learning, reflection and healing.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, now residing in Norway,  she annually connects communities between Hong Kong, Norway and Austria by producing events, activities and projects with her collaborators worldwide.

Below are some of the things she loves doing,

  • Drastic.Social
  • Writer/public speaker/host
  • Live video production 
  • PR, communication & digital marketing
  • Event production
  • Content creation
  • Plus size fashion representation and body liberation advocate
  • WordPress developer
  • User Experience designer

For enquiries, dm me on social media or email me!

Let’s talk!

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